Stock Footage New Business Development Renee Jackman

Content Specialist,

Renee believes a practical approach and sense of humour are essential to enjoying life, and is a notion she takes everywhere.

A childhood in the country equipped Renee with “nuts and bolts” skills whilst hours spent poring over books, magazines and TV initiated the interest in all things creative. The study of photography and gaining of a University Degree in Design Studies further realised the desire to work in a creative industry.

After 5 years as a designer specialising in advertising, Renee found herself on the doorstep of NHNZ, looking for a new challenge.  Her role as Content Specialist is an opportunity to help her clients realise their vision, “I love thinking of the footage outside of its original context and really visualising a new application for the material. Communicating with my clients and delivering is all part of the buzz.”