How much is that doggy in the window?

That's me, Rosi Crane, discussing with out VT Editor which clip to dub for a client, at NHNZ Offices, Dunedin, New Zealand

Or, how much is that shot of the wolf mother feeding her cubs? Well, there are several factors which influence the price that we charge for the use of our moving images in your production. They answer the questions, who, what, when (which is here interpreted as how long) and where?

Firstly, the who part of the equation. If you are a regular client who buys frequently from us, you can expect a preferential rate - although this may not be stated as such. Unless you negotiate a bulk deal, as this is open to all-comers.

If you are a first-time client you can expect a fair price.

NHNZ Images operates in an international marketplace, and as far as we are able we will price royalties according to the local conditions.

What you are making is a very strong influence.

A US national television advertising campaign will clearly be set at a higher level, than will a small educational segment for a tertiary level NZ institution. We appreciate that sometimes it is hard to know exactly how many seconds you will end up using in a production at the outset. So, to help the process as best we can, we prefer to leave the negotiation of the rate per second until you have had a chance to assess the footage on offer. However, we also appreciate that you cannot work in a vacuum and cannot bank on using our footage thinking it will cost a certain amount, only to come to the negotiating table to find that our price is considerably different. We will always start with a ball park figure mostly this ends up as the final rate, but occasionally you will end up using more than you had originally thought. Here we can negotiate a discount based on volume.

The more you use, the less per second you pay.

What rights do you need? NHNZ Images is mindful that sometimes clearing all media rights can be prohibitively expensive and we will negotiate for the rights you actually need, with options for step-ups and upgrades in the contract which can be exercised when you have managed to sell the programme into those 'other' markets.

The what question also applies to the footage itself. Some footage is considered premium. It is rare, was particularly difficult to shoot, or, in some instances we act as agents for the copyright holder and do not have the same degree of flexibility in negotiating rates compared to our own footage.

The when question influences price setting of royalties in two ways. Firstly by how soon do you need it? With rush jobs you can expect a fair price, but the technical costs may be higher than with 'normal' jobs. But the stronger influence is how long do you need the licence to run for. Ten years for a broadcast programme will be cheaper than 'in perpetuity'.

And finally the where question. What territories are you operating in? Rights for one country alone will be cheaper than the whole world. But a word of caution to the wise, buying a country at a time can work out more expensive in the long run. So to help you over this dilemma at NHNZ Images we are happy to include further territories in the contract at an agreed rate (as step-up rights), so that you know how much it will cost you to exploit your show somewhere else in the world up front.

The main point is, to talk to us, tell us as much as you can about your production so we can provide you with the most fitting package. You'll find we are flexible negotiators.