What bulk deals can be done?

Editing moving images.Selling widgets or tins of beans is a lot more straightforward than selling footage, largely because you can offer customers two for the price of one, or buy three get one free deals.

Footage tends to be bought for a single production and the price paid will depend upon several factors. However, there are ways to keep costs down, one of which is to negotiate a bulk deal. To us at NHNZ Images bulk means over 2 minutes, and can attract discounts on the per second royalty rate. But … funny, but there is always a ‘but’ isn't there? This ‘but’ concerns a guarantee that over two minutes will indeed be used.

So a guarantee then,

… but one with a difference.

In contractual terms a guarantee is often best dealt with by pre-purchasing a set amount. To make things easier for our customers we are quite happy to prepare a sliding scale for a particular production. This in effect means you pay less per second the more you use, and to be frank we see it as an encouragement for you to use more footage from us rather than some other place. A sliding scale allows you to calculate how much your royalty bill will be, without paying it all up front in one go. Of course if you prefer to truly pre-purchase a set amount then we won't argue!

To make things even easier for our customers we are happy to let the bulk deal spread over a series, or even a production company's entire output for a set period of time. Although in the latter case we may want payments in instalments. We also appreciate that setting up such a deal can be a relatively long drawn out process, so we are patient.