Why waste your time asking a question of anyone other than an expert?

Jamie Thorp, NHNZ Images LibrarianNew Zealanders like to think of themselves as innovators, as people on the edge of things, and when presented with a problem or two we can come up with a neat ingenious solution because we have a heritage of being technologically savvy. This strong tradition is exemplified by two internationally famous New Zealanders. The first Lord Rutherford of Nelson the atomic physicist, who said to his Cambridge University colleagues ‘We don't have a lot of money, so we shall have to think hard.’ And the second famous person Sir Edmund Hillary who put this tenet into practice by taking a farm tractor, fitting it with home made caterpillar tracks, and driving it across Antarctica in 1957 in the first motorised crossing of the continent. Being able to utilise limited resources is of course not really a national trait much though Kiwis would like to think it is.

Plenty of examples of technological solutions to bring footage before the customer abound worldwide in the footage industry. However, these are often backed up by a great deal of expense. I wonder at the obvious millions spent to digitise large libraries, clips on every conceivable subject are available for clients. In our New Zealand world investment pockets are in proportion to the size of our population (a mere 4 million people) so we don't have a large digital asset management scheme. Instead we have a text based database that is easy to navigate. And as part of our high quality of service to library clients we send clips via email, each tailored exactly to the clients needs.

We offer a boutique service, which is based on a deep personal knowledge of subject matter that all of us maintain. For my own part I hold a degree in geology and a masters in information science, my three able colleagues all hold postgraduate qualifications. Olly's first degree is in physics, he then changed direction with a postgraduate diploma in marine science; Jamie's first degree is zoology with a masters in freshwater ecology; and Denise holds both a bachelors and masters degree in librarianship. Small we may be but our combined expertise of 40 years in the industry is brought to bear on every enquiry that is made. Apart from subject knowledge we are experts in knowing the content of the tapes we store, experts at interpreting what clients really want, at negotiating fair rates that lead to completed sales.

Expertise like this is hard to find, you cannot necessarily find it in the do-it-yourself web world of digitised clips. There information overload is high, a user must plough through a lot of clips to find exactly what they need. The temptation to take the first one that seems even vaguely relevant must be resisted. Whereas with NHNZ Images, you have a guarantee that we have seen the pictures we are trying to sell. We tailor our response specifically and exactly.