The Challenges of Change

Over the past few months we have spent a great deal of time assessing our future business needs and as a result we have launched a new group in the company to focus on new business initiatives and in particular on the many opportunities that are developing through various forms of emerging media, such as internet based programming and mobile content. We are very excited about these developments and believe that they will help us to capitalise on new opportunities, as well as continue to offer our existing clients the same great service that they have come to expect from NHNZ.

The Emerging Media group, which will encompass our stock footage library and other existing non-broadcast activities such as DVD and mobile content sales, will be headed up by Caroline Cook, who brings with her extensive marketing and media experience. She will be joining us on 8 October.
Left to right: Rosi Crane, Marilyn Copland, Suzanne Lloyd.
The establishment of the group was part of a restructure of various parts of our existing operation and regrettably this has lead to the disestablishment of the position of Library Manager and with it the loss of our highly-regarded and long-serving manager, Rosi Crane.

Rosi joined NHNZ 16 years ago from the BBC in Bristol, where she had been manager of the Natural History Unit Library. During her time at NHNZ she has overseen the development of our library from a roomful of tapes into the well managed, thriving operation that it is today. Fortunately, we won't be entirely losing Rosi's valuable skills and knowledge. As she moves into a new phase in her life as a freelance footage consultant, her first engagement will be working on a business development project for NHNZ.
Olly Rudd.
As part of the Emerging Media division, the NHNZ Images footage business will continue as before, with the very capable Olly Rudd and Jamie Thorp standing ready to deal with footage research and sales, and to provide for your every need for footage and stills for your production.

Olly gained a BSc. Hons in Physics at Lancaster University in the UK, a Diploma for graduates in Ecology and Zoology and a Postgraduate diploma in Marine Science at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand.
Jamie Thorp.
Jamie has a BSc. degree in Zoology at the University of Otago, with Freshwater Ecology and UV Radiation being his areas of special interest.

Both Jamie and Olly joined NHNZ in 2000 and are privileged to have learnt the tricks of the footage business during the past seven years from a true master, Rosi Crane!

John Crawford
General Manager of NHNZ