Tasmanian Devil.
Wild, fast and fun, Super Scavengers takes in search of the truth - the real truth - about scavengers. Australian zoologist Chris Coupland is an authority on the Tasmanian Devil, a tough marsupial carnivore that's also a scavenger. Chris's day job is to care for, and educate the public, about these unique Australian animals. Interestingly, some biologists believe that only two animals have stronger jaws than the Tasmanian Devil, the great white shark and the hyena. Chris broadens his horizons in this programme, leaving Tasmania in search of the world's iconic scavenger species, including the vulture, dingo, jackal and hyena.

Dingoes.Nature's great opportunists, scavengers are feared and loathed in the environments they inhabit. But Chris aims to change that as he teaches the world about the animals close to his heart. He will referee an eating competition between dingo pups; narrowly avoid giving his fingers to a Cape Griffin vulture; have his room trashed by a gang of partying baboons; and watch opportunistic jackals at work on the African coast. Super Scavengers shows these species doing what they are best known for.

It was while shooting for this programme that NHNZ producer and director Judith Curran was attacked by a leopard, sustaining serious injuries.

This programme was produced for the Discovery Channel. Footage was shot on DVC Pro, MiniDV and DigiBeta.