The New Movers and Shakers in the HD Market

Our recently revamped footage service, NHNZ Moving Images, is aiming to establish NHNZ as a leading supplier of quality, factual HD footage to the film industry.

NHNZ is well known for leading the way in innovative factual television production. As an early adapter of new technology and to ensure maximum marketing versatility, it has been our policy for some years to shoot exclusively in HD at a frame rate of 25p for NHNZ-owned productions. Consequently, NHNZ owns an enviable and constantly growing collection of quality HD footage.

This has now been greatly increased by NHNZ's HD Project, begun last year when we negotiated representation deals with some of the best international film makers and production houses to sell their HD stock footage thereby increasing our extensive collection on offer to our international client base.

Timelapse UK video of clouds and reflections

Filling the Gaps

The development and expansion of NHNZ Moving Images aims to meet growing demand for HD footage. The project's initial phase included targeting over 80 production houses and filmmakers and negotiating the right to represent their work.

As a result we are delighted to be newly representing: Aliens of the Sea, Artbeats, Bennett-Watt HD Productions, Gulliver Media, Nautilus Productions, Skyworks and Wilderness Video. These collections include not only wildlife footage (Aliens of the Sea, Gulliver Media, Wilderness Video), but also more general content (Artbeats) and some specialist collections which enhance existing NHNZ holdings (travel from Bennett-Watt and aerial footage from Skyworks).

We are about to enter the next phase of logging the extensive and varied footage collection for upload to our redeveloped online shop.

Our new website, which is currently under development, will enable clients to view a significant representation of NHNZ's existing and new collections and either immediately download shots, or request additional clips, at the push of a button using the very latest internet technology. The Moving Images portal will enable us to respond even more efficiently to your inquiries and will be launched early this year.

Moving Images Collection Exponential Growth

NHNZ Moving Images has represented a number of HD collections for some time from: Copyright Shots Film & Video (a Spanish based collection), Greg Hensley Productions (a specialist in unique time-lapses and American wildlife cinematography) and Computerised Time Lapse UK Ltd. Of great benefit to our clients, the last two companies have recently invested heavily in transferring their original 35mm to HD masters and both have more film material which can be transferred to HD on request if required.

As a result of last year's extensive and systematic search for HD footage we now hold over 500 hours of HD footage in our library. We will be featuring many of these collections in future newsletters.

Nautilus Productions Grey Nurse Shark (Carcharias taurus)

Breaking New Ground

The contract with Gulliver Media is for exclusive worldwide distribution - a first for NHNZ Moving Images. This deal reflects the confidence our new clients have in our ability to reach the market, and generate revenue for them.

Our agreement with Artbeats sees another departure for NHNZ as we become the retail reseller of their very large range of royalty free disks for New Zealand. This is a first time the library has had a royalty free collection to re-sell.

We will continue to identify further representation agreements enabling us to add more superb footage to the collection over the next few months. These additions combined with fresh footage from NHNZ's new productions will ensure we meet our aim of becoming a world leader in the supply of factual HD footage.

For more information about our existing and new collections please contact Jamie or Olly.