Mourning Gecko

Mourning gecko hatching from egg.This baby mourning gecko has hatched from an egg that was never fertilised. The female reproduces asexually, laying two eggs without a male gecko participating. Indeed, male mourning geckos have never been found. Young geckos are genetic replicas of their mothers. There is no particular season for breeding as the geckos are able to lay eggs at any time through the year. (This still is from an NHNZ Images movie clip).

Mourning geckos are found closely associated with humans, and have often been accidentally moved from island to island throughout the Pacific in luggage and household effects. At night they are seen commonly scampering around the house looking for cockroaches, beetles and other insect prey. But where there are populations of the larger house gecko, or the house gecko moves in, the mourning gecko moves out.

The distribution of mourning geckos is wide, from mainland tropical Australia throughout islands in the Pacific to western Central America, India and the Indian Oceans.

Why mourning? No-one seems to know.

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