Penguins with Parrots on the side

Rock-hopper penguins and red-crowned parakeets on the Antipodes Islands, New Zealand. You don't normally expect to find penguins which are essentially a cold water species to mix with parrots which are essentially birds of tropical climes. However, on a lot of New Zealand's sub-antarctic islands such a mixture is relatively common.
Red-crowned parakeets are found widespread on many Pacific islands, including the main islands of New Zealand itself. Here they make companions for rock-hopper penguins.

On the Antipodes Islands can be found the Antipodes Island parakeet which has lost it's red-crown, and is endemic to the island group.
The Antipodes Islands lie some 650 kilometres to the southeast of the southern extremity of the South Island - Stewart Island - of New Zealand. They were first charted in 1800 by Captain Henry Waterhouse of British ship HMS Reliance. Like many other sub-antarctic islands a castaway depot of supplies was established. But it's existence was unkown by the survivors of the shipwrecked crew Spirit of Dawn,who spent nearly three months in 1893, as castaways on the island - doubtless eating penguins and parakeets.

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