Cool Liquid Lava

Molten lava falling into the sea, HawaiiAn oceanic island is conceived deep in the ocean abyss. Lava spews from within the earth, solidifying, building a mountain under the sea.

Across the immense basin of the Pacific, submarine mountains rise from the ocean floor. Moulded in dense black basalt oozing from fractures in the oceanic crust of the planet. Their hidden majesty dwarfs that of many of the greatest volcanoes on land.

Only when such a seamount aspires to break the surface does the elemental clash of fire, water and wind begin. The tumult that may bring forth an oceanic island.

There are perhaps as many mounts below the sea as the thousands that have won this battle to stand above the waves, but the attack of the sea is relentless. An embryo island may vanish in days or may establish well enough to survive a few thousand years, or even as long as ten million.

Pahoehoe or ropey molten lava coolingThe volcano throws out coils of ropy lava consolidation the new won ground.

Modelled in lava these are the foundations of a Pacific Island paradise - in this case Hawaii.

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