Przewalski's Truly Wild Horse

Przewalski's horse.A long winter is ending on the steppe grasslands of Mongolia. This is home to a wild animal the Mongolians know as takhi - the spirits. Westerners call them Przewalski's horses. They're the only true wild horses in the world. Other so-called wild horses are domesticated horses which have reverted to a feral existence.

Takhi are distinguished by short upright manes and stripes on the backs of their legs. This still frame is from extensive film footage held at NHNZ Images.
They're closely related to the ancestors of domestic horses, but takhi have never been tamed.

Life seems idyllic, but it hasn't always been easy. In 1968, Przewalski's horses were driven to extinction in the wild. Since the early 1990's animals bred in zoos have been released in areas such as here, in Hustain Nuruu National Park, now home to more than a hundred wild takhi.

Nikolai Mikhaylovich Przewalski (1839-1880) was a Russian geographer and explorer in Central Asia, who discovered wild populations of Bactrian camels, the Przewalski gazelle as well as the takhi.

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