The Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert, Mongolia. The sandy deserts of India are separated from the parched interior by the mighty Himalayas. In their rainshadow lie the deserts and dry grasslands of China and Mongolia. The stony Gobi Desert is further from the sea than any place on earth. Fierce summers are followed by bitter winters. Gobi means "stony". Strong winds have stripped the soil, leaving only stones, polished to a shine by the fierce heat. Dust storms are frequent occurences and can sometimes be seen from space. The storms that we have on film are, of course nowhere near as big!

NHNZ Images material from the Gobi Desert, originates from Mongolia and the northern extension of the Taklamakan desert, which lies in western China. The Gobi desert mammals we have in the stockshot library include goitered gazelle, mongolian gazelle, bactrian camel, asiatic wild ass, hairy footed jerboa, thick tailed jerboa, great gerbil. Birds include common buzzard and black kites. And amongst the ubiquitous sand dunes agamid lizard and sand dune beetles.

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