Spot the Ghost

Ghost pipefish pair, drifting in current. Ghost pipefish don't just imitate the form and colour of floating leaves - they mimic the dance of leaves stirred by gentle currents.
They're so confident in their camouflage and choreography that they leave the original leaf behind, to dance their own way across the sea floor.

Ghost pipefish pair, drifting in current.They are found in warm tropical seas from Japan to South Africa. Ghost pipefishes resemble outstretched seahorses but have thin bodies and large fins. Female ghost pipefishes brood eggs in a pouch formed by the fusion of large pelvic fins. Pelvic fins which are absent in seahorses, and of course it is the male that broods the young.

These still frame captures from NHNZ Images movie footage, don't really do justice to the floating, dancing, drifting nature of the sequence. Check out other fishy footage that is available to purchase for your production, from our on-line catalogue, or from our demo reels.