Spot the Lark

Last week's blog posting was about camouflage, well so too is this week's. I defy anyone to spot the lark's nest in this Himalayan landscape.

High altitude grasland meadow in the Himalayas.

In a treeless place all birds nest on the ground. The nest lies just beneath the flat stone in the middle of this still frame taken from one of the NHNZ Images movies.

Horned lark chick, waiting for adult to arrive.

Horned Lark chicks merge with the new grass of the meadows. Like a lot of chicks they are fairly ugly.

Adult horned lark at ground nest.

Wary of attracting predators, the adult male stops only long enough to shovel in food and clear away the infants' faecal sacs. If they weren't cleared away the sacs would be obvious and show eagles and other predators the way to choice and tasty chicks.

Horned lark adult feeds chicks quickly.

The horned lark is a summer migrant from lower altitude. It feeds on insects that appear during the few weeks of warmth.

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