The Sting in the Tail - Scorpions part one

This week NHNZ Images brings you a tale of stinging scorpions, and next week we will bring you a tale of where else scorpions put their stinging tail - in other scorpions! Yes, we promise you cannibals next week.

Nobody is sure why scorpions glow under ultraviolet lamps - but this curious fact enables scientists to spy on their monstrous nocturnal deeds.

When two adult scorpions meet head to head, a trial of strength could lead either to courtship or confrontation. These are both female, so a battle with deadly stinging lances looms. As they are of equal size they soon declare a truce...

Smaller desert inhabitants are not so lucky. Scorpions will attack almost anything smaller than themselves, paralysing their victims with steely cool efficiency. Crickets are not the only course on a sand scorpion's menu.

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