Sting in Tail - Scorpions part two

I have written about cannibalism in frogs before in this blog, but as promised, here is the second part of the scorpion story, and their intriguing cannibal habits.

Crickets are not the only course on the menu for Arizona sand scorpions. Young sand scorpions were often hunted by their own elders, as well as by rival scorpion species.

In the very common sand scorpion, a full twenty five percent of all the energy it ever takes in, of every gram it ever eats are individuals of the same species, a pretty amazing fact. Such astonishingly high figures have led biologists to examine the logic of cannibalism. They've discovered that there are both benefits and risks in attacking members of your own species.

The obvious benefit is a sizeable meal - but the cannibal also removes a rival in its search for other foods. And that's a major bonus in this harsh desert environment.

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