Cough cough splutter splutter

Cough cough splutter splutter, that's cetainly what you'd be doing if you got caught in the steam and gas from White Island.

White Island, is a large active marine volcano lies just off the northern coast of New Zealand. Some 70% of it is below sea-level. It is the ‘northernmost active volcano in the Taupo Volcanic Zone - a 250km-long zone of intense volcanism that marks the boundary of the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates.’[quoted from the NZ GNS website]

The fires of its birth still smoulder. Small volcanic eruptions are frequent; the air reeks of sulphur from vents and fumeroles. The gases emitted are mostly steam, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide which gives it the smell. In 1914 eleven sulphur miners were killed on the island, when part of the crater wall collapsed. There is no mining nowadays, but plenty of tourists take a helicopter or boat trip out to the island.

The New Zealand Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences has a webcam at the crater, and plenty more stills and video. The still images you see on this blog posting are taken from NHNZ Images video which is available for you to use in your productions.

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