NHNZ is agent for HD footage from Greg Hensley Productions

Greg Hensley Productions have over 30 years of footage filmed across America. NHNZ has represented Greg Hensley Productions since December 2000 but has only recently signed a contract to represent their HD collections. Hensley Productions are known for their time-lapse cinematography and wildlife footage in the remote areas of the United States. Hensley Productions has provided us with SD and HD 35mm stock footage.

North America's celebrated bird of prey, the bald eagle, primarily eats fish and will scavenge from what it finds on river and lake shores in addition to catching it live. Unlike the distinctive adult, the plumage of the immature birds is brown specked with white until usually the fifth year. Hensley has footage of both mature and immature birds going about their daily lives, catching fish and raising their families.

There is footage of a range of other birds, including prairie chickens displaying. These birds are members of the grouse family. Adult males have dark elongated head feathers that can be raised or lain back along the neck. When raised during display, they reveal a circular orange neck patch that can be inflated. Other birds also feature, like the owl, pelican, and sea birds.

The list of other American wildlife is huge. There are a number of sequences featuring brown and black bears, and wolves, catching and eating fish in rivers. Most people think of wolves catching bigger game than fish, however in late summer when the salmon are running, they have been known to not just take the leavings of bears but get in the water themselves.

Other wildlife is included, deer, mountain goat, skunk, bison, prairie dog, squirrel, alligator, etc. Not just land-based wildlife is covered. Some footage is available or orca, whale, and sea lion. Smaller species like stick insect and grasshopper don't escape attention either.

The landscapes we associate most with wild America are represented in this HD collection. Visually stunning landscapes in all seasons are shown: mountains, lakes, waterfalls and woods, plus some arid canyons and coastal marine habitats. Aerial footage is available in addition to that shot from the ground. Many of these landscapes are represented in time-lapse sequences

Also in time-lapse, the changing seasons are shown as reflected in the changes in nature: not just plants blooming and fading, but landscapes changing from the vibrant glories of spring to the quiet blanketing of snow in winter. More urban themes are not ignored either. Time is shown to pass in the tides, clouds billowing, and the rise and fall of the moon and sun.

There is also a lot of useful generic footage featuring buildings and boats, crops and the weather. Something for everyone!

If what you want isn't mentioned here, please contact us. This newsletter is only highlights some of what is available. Check out other interesting, intriguing and arresting images from the NHNZ Moving Images stockshot library.